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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Welcome To My World: Part 3

I'm going to take a moment to let you into my head for a minute. I want you to understand who I am. I was 27 when this life changing event occurred. I had No idea what was going to happen. No one ever wants to see their sister or brother fail. To watch three little hearts get crushed! I can't even to begin to get you to understand how heart wrenching this is. My children would now have three new brothers, they would have to share their Mommy and Daddy. 
Back to where I was before. My sister had committed to complete this program, it was only three months long. She ended up getting kicked out for inappropriate behavior about two months in. She had met a man in there that she had "fallen in love with." They moved into a very small motel room for about a month. I would get a call every once in awhile and I would tell her that she needed to find another program. Once she had left the original program I would not let the three boys talk to her. How would I tell them that she chose a man over them, that they weren't worth getting better for?
Finally the call saying that she had found a program that would take her and her boyfriend! I was so excited! I told the boys that mommy found a new program and it might take a little longer but mommy was going to get better. A month later we received a call from the Pastor that my sister was Pregnant. Stop just for a second, I was furious! How do you tell these boys that mommy was going to have another baby? How was she going to provide for them all? These thoughts were running through my head.
My sister called us and told us that she was pregnant about a week after the Pastor broke the news to us. She didn't know what to do, it wasn't in her plans of things to do. She said that she would still finish the program and she did. She was released and had no where to go. Where would she go? Me and my husband talked about letting her stay with us and decided that that would be the best thing for her. We told her that there would be rules, the three boys were doing very well under our instruction and that they would still be under our direction for awhile. We said that we would slowly direct them back to her. She agreed and moved in.

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