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Friday, November 1, 2013

Our American Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions can look different to every family or individual person. Each and every persons roots derive from different areas of the world. Enjoy as I take you on a journey to discover Traditions!

Two of Thanksgiving Biggest Traditions are Parades and American Football. In ancient Harvest Festivals, people usually Celebrated with games and sports. That's right, Football has deep roots in Tradition! Thanksgiving Parades go back to the 20th century. I mean Macy's 87th Thanksgiving Parade is just around the corner.

Another great Tradition is getting together with friends and family while spending some time Volunteering at different organizations. Soup kitchens and Homeless Shelters always need Helping hands during this special time of year.

Did you know in 1947 the National Turkey Federation started giving the White House a living turkey? Yes, this turkey gets pardoned by the President of the United States! It lives it's remaining days in luxury at a nearby Petting Zoo.

I hope you enjoyed stepping back in time with me and learning where just a couple of Our popular Traditions came from. Enjoy making new ones with your family and friends! But most of all remember to Give Thanks.