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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Is Over

Did someone say Summer was over? It flew by even quicker than last years Summer. Memories have been made. Long distance friends and family have been seen. Parties have been attended and celebrated. Movie nights have been had with the kiddos and popcorn has been consumed.

Welcome, to the new school year! Meeting new teachers and figuring out what progress you are expecting for your child or children this year. Maybe it's your child's first year. Oh the sad and happy tears that will be cried as you watch your child start their brand new adventure.

Most importantly your child is going to need your time, your love and your support. Find some way to have fun while helping with homework. Here's a few ways to do that. 1.Give stickers for finishing homework quickly. 2.Let them pick a special bedtime storybook for you to read. 3.But most of all let them know that they are loved.

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