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Friday, February 14, 2014

Text LOVE14 to 313131

Sensory Goods realizes that today is recognized as the Day of Love, all around the world. In honor of Valentine's Day, we have decided to lavish LOVE on our customers. On Wednesday we posted a blog about 5 Ways to Love More. The 5 Ways to Love More were Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, and GIFTS. We decided that the way we would choose to love more this Valentine's Day was by giving GIFTS! We are offering a holiday gift to all our customer who TEXT LOVE14 TO 313131 this weekend. You will not want to miss out on this Gift of Love

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

5 Ways to Love More

For years, people from around the globe have embraced February as a month of LOVE. They show their appreciation for loved ones with cards, gifts, flowers, a romantic evening, and even with a shiny diamond ring. This fantasized day marks a moment on every calendar for people to set themselves aside and show their undying love for each other. However, Valentines Day dates far beyond a romanticized day of love, it is a day to honor a Christian martyr, a man who truly gave his life for love quite like the icon of his faith. So, one way or the other, Valentines Day has been a day for laying down your life for another.

This year Sensory Goods wanted to take a moment to challenge our customers and readers to lay down their life in honor of love. In a hurt and broken world, it will not take much to find someone around you in need. We urge you to find someone in need and to selflessly give to the person the most you can. Outlined below are a few simple steps to helping someone feel loved in a month dedicated to love alone.

Acts of Service: 

Simply doing something kind for an individual can show them that that are not only loved, but it will show them that they are cared for also. It could be that you are a husband that needs to do the dishes for his wife, a girlfriend who needs to play video games with her boyfriend, a child who needs to give their parent(s) a much needed break, or a neighbor who needs to mow both your lawn and the one next door. Also, we must not forget a personal favorite; you can always pay for the car behind you in the Starbucks drive-thru.

Words of Affirmation:

Now this may be the easiest step to showing someone love this time of year, but a simple word of encouragement can really go a long way. It is not the words of advice that you so desperately want to give, it is not the constructive criticism that you think is needed, it is a kind and polite "good job" that will win someone’s heart. You see, words are eternal; they can be forgiven but never taken back. So, this month as you show love, even to the least, remember it could be a simplistic acknowledgment of someone’s strengths that make love expound.

Quality Time:

You heard it America, Quality Time can actually make a person not only feel loved, but it can make them feel like the most important person to ever walk the face of the earth. In an age plagued by cell phones, social media, and a slue of instantly gratifying things, a moment of time spent with a loved one undistracted can make all the difference. For instance, if it is not beyond you, take a moment to sit with that homeless man on the corner this week and hear his story, it may be your life that is changed forever, not just his. 

Physical Touch:

Yes men, we are talking about the hands on the body and the lips pressed against hers. You might not know this but many women want it just as bad as you do. Even more interesting than that, even the strangest of strangers can feel truly loved by a simple handshake or a hug. So, this month let your random act of kindness by a hug to every person you come in contact with. It may catch them off guard, but we think that is the point. 


This is the one that we do not even need to explain. Whether it is a handmade card or a diamond engagement ring (Remember, every Kiss begins with K), a gift of any kind will bring a smile to a face. 

So, now that we have listed some general ideas of ways to express love unlike ever before, what will you do this month to reveal your love?

Find out your love language, click here

Friday, November 1, 2013

Our American Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions can look different to every family or individual person. Each and every persons roots derive from different areas of the world. Enjoy as I take you on a journey to discover Traditions!

Two of Thanksgiving Biggest Traditions are Parades and American Football. In ancient Harvest Festivals, people usually Celebrated with games and sports. That's right, Football has deep roots in Tradition! Thanksgiving Parades go back to the 20th century. I mean Macy's 87th Thanksgiving Parade is just around the corner.

Another great Tradition is getting together with friends and family while spending some time Volunteering at different organizations. Soup kitchens and Homeless Shelters always need Helping hands during this special time of year.

Did you know in 1947 the National Turkey Federation started giving the White House a living turkey? Yes, this turkey gets pardoned by the President of the United States! It lives it's remaining days in luxury at a nearby Petting Zoo.

I hope you enjoyed stepping back in time with me and learning where just a couple of Our popular Traditions came from. Enjoy making new ones with your family and friends! But most of all remember to Give Thanks.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Committed to Customer Service

      In our fast paced culture that is overpowered with consumerism it is hard to feel as a customer that you are truly appreciated. In fact, as a customer it is easy to become disheartened with the thought that companies do not truly value your dollar. It is also disheartening to feel as though the employees of where you are shopping take for granted that your hard earned dollar is paying their bills.  Well, at Sensory Goods, we truly believe in our commitment to customer service. It is not just a politically correct statement, a generic mission, or a subconscious selling point.

Below are 4 easy actions steps we take in our efforts to try and provide world-class customer service.      

1.  A SMILE changes everything! 
  • America has easily become a nation of cynicism, victims, and pity. Three words that all carry negative connotations, but in a very literal meaning describe the mentality of most Americans on a daily basis. Often times these personality traits arise because people work hard for very little, and then the hand over what little they have to people who won’t even smile. So, Sensory Goods  has found that a smile seriously changes everything. It changes the customer’s mood, experience, and day. A smile leaves each customer with the desire to become a return customer. Also, we can guarantee that a SMILE can be seen through every form of communication; person-to-person, phone, and internet.

  • Easily the most overused statements in the world of customer service, and yet easily the most underused principle in the world of customer service. I think this action step is simply as stated though, Sensory Goods' customers are always right. Does that mean our product is wrong, our service is bad, or that the customer is not absolutely insane, BY NO MEANS. However, it does mean that at the end of every customer encounter they are right, and should feel that way. Along with that, if they are right, then that means something is wrong and there should be a resolution in the end. 

3.  Think like WALT DISNEY!
  •  “I’m doing this because I want to do it better.” – Walt Disney || Sensory Goods started because we seen a problem, and we thought we could provide a solution. Every day since that moment of realization we have worked endlessly at doing it better. There has not been, and never will be a day when we have reached success in what we do. The world is ever changing and people are ever changing. We want to always provide a better solution then the world and people thought possible. We want to always think about what the customer needs before they know they need it. 

4.  GIVE more … get MORE!
  • When you give beyond the expectation of man, there is an unworldly response. The response is often the simplest, yet most powerful form of advertisement, word of mouth. Sensory Goods since it’s start has gone above and beyond in the area of giving, and that is something that will always be woven into the fabric of our origins. We have seen first hand the blessing that is given in return for giving. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Costumes, Pumkins, and Candy, Oh My

Autumn. The one time of year you can actually visualize the season. It's cooler but the sun is still shining. There might even be a cool breeze. It's PERFECTION! The leaves on the trees are changing to BRILLIANT colors and hues. The children are chirpy and awaiting  Halloween with ANTICIPATION.

What are your SPOOKALICIOUS plans for Halloween? Do you participate in the FRANTIC festivities? Are you BOO'ing all the little GOBLINS in your neck of the woods? Do you have Halloween traditions you are passing on to your KIDDOS?

If you and your child have not decided on which AWESOME costume to wear feel free to get GREAT ideas from our Halloween Pinterest Page! Not only do we have TRICKS but we also have TREATS.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Story of...TOYS

Over 25 years ago we started our company in the garage of the home where Doug grew up — we had to be careful not to disturb Doug's parents who were still living there! Thanks to your support, we've been able to move into a real office down the road, a building that actually has separate ladies and men's bathrooms! Our philosophy has remained the same over the years–to make each and every customer a happy and permanent member of the Melissa & Doug family, while offering products with tremendous value, quality and design. Our line offers something for everyone with over 2,000 innovative products for children of all ages! We've always welcomed customer suggestions, and we continually strive to make improvements to our products. We're honored by the faith you place in us and view it as our responsibility to continue to earn your trust in the years to come!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Is Over

Did someone say Summer was over? It flew by even quicker than last years Summer. Memories have been made. Long distance friends and family have been seen. Parties have been attended and celebrated. Movie nights have been had with the kiddos and popcorn has been consumed.

Welcome, to the new school year! Meeting new teachers and figuring out what progress you are expecting for your child or children this year. Maybe it's your child's first year. Oh the sad and happy tears that will be cried as you watch your child start their brand new adventure.

Most importantly your child is going to need your time, your love and your support. Find some way to have fun while helping with homework. Here's a few ways to do that. 1.Give stickers for finishing homework quickly. 2.Let them pick a special bedtime storybook for you to read. 3.But most of all let them know that they are loved.

One more fact for everyone, Sensory Goods is celebrating their LAST sale of the summer! Our products are handcrafted, high quality and affordable. Everything on our online store is 15% off. You don't want to miss this!