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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Welcome To My World: Part 2

Okay where were we? Oh yeah, we had completed our family and we were happy. A little over two years ago I had gotten a call from my sister. My sis had a hard life and it often showed in the way she lived and the things that she depended on. Back to the call, she was using her desperate voice, CPS had been called and she was terrified that they were going to take her kids away. She knew that they would find out what she had been into. I told her that Me and my husband, Rich, would take the three boys until she cleaned up. She agreed.

Wait, did you get that? I just said I would raise someones kids for them! I didn't hesitate, they were my nephews. We had my sis meet someone involved in getting her hooked up with a Christian Shelter. She entered the program angry and not knowing when she would see the kids again. I told her that she needed to take this step to a better life. It was an emotional time for those little boys. We took them to see her pretty often. Visits would be stressful because they would revert to acting out and misbehaving. They didn't understand. My simple life of raising three kids was Over. My world and everyone in it was turned upside down.

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