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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Taking Back Summer

Imagine yourself in a car driving through the scenic mountains. Now imagine yourself soaking up the rays of the sun on the deck of a luxurious cruise. Could you imagine para-sailing over the Atlantic? What about being in a plane, 30,000 feet above the ground about to jump...your falling...your open your eyes. Now that your eyes are open you realize that with all the money you saved at Sensory Goods you can go on any of these vacations. That's right, Sensory Goods is offering savings that are helping our customers start Taking Back Summer.

Let me tell you about this fantastic sale that Sensory Goods is having for our customers. Throughout the whole summer we are giving our customers 10% off their whole order (see coupon codes below). But wait, that's not all! Every week Sensory Goods will have a Featured Product Category as well as a Featured Product. The selected category each week will offer 20% off all the products in that category (see coupon codes below). As for the Featured Product of the week, that selected item will be offered at 30% off (see coupon codes below). To get the weekly update of our sale sign up for our newsletter.

10% Off Everything | Coupon Code: Waves13
20% Off Weekly Featured Product Catagories | Coupon Code: Summer13
30% Off Weekly Featured Product | Coupon Code: Sun13

We hope you enjoy Taking Back Summer with us!!

*Only one discount valid per transaction. Sale ends July 31,2013.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome To My World: Part 5

First I would like to thank Sensory Goods for giving me a chance to share my story! So as a result of having so many kids (LOL), a few of them have a couple issues. Heidi is a very slow learner but tries her best, Jeffery has ADD, Chloe has a thyroid issue, and Isaac has night terrors. Chloe is very hyper and constantly going! The kids are a blast to hang out with! Jeffery, Chloe and Isaac all use a Weighted Blanket. They sleep so much better because of it. Me and Rich will be adopting The three boys later this year, we are super excited. I hope my story not only Encourages you everyday but I pray that it gives you Hope. Here we are, one BIG, happy family!
Fun At The Ballpark