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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome To My World: Part 5

First I would like to thank Sensory Goods for giving me a chance to share my story! So as a result of having so many kids (LOL), a few of them have a couple issues. Heidi is a very slow learner but tries her best, Jeffery has ADD, Chloe has a thyroid issue, and Isaac has night terrors. Chloe is very hyper and constantly going! The kids are a blast to hang out with! Jeffery, Chloe and Isaac all use a Weighted Blanket. They sleep so much better because of it. Me and Rich will be adopting The three boys later this year, we are super excited. I hope my story not only Encourages you everyday but I pray that it gives you Hope. Here we are, one BIG, happy family!
Fun At The Ballpark

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  1. Beautiful Family, beautiful story. My 2 out of 3 kids are Autistic. All boys. Very fun, fast silly, boys!!